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Social and environmental performance management for financial service providers. First, do no harm. But don’t stop there.

Advancing social and environmental performance management

SPTF is a global membership organization dedicated to social and environmental performance management—a way of doing business that puts client well-being, employees, and the environment at the center of every decision. We offer a full suite of tools to help financial service providers and impact investors define their goals for social performance, improve their practices, and deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders. At SPTF, we believe in the power of getting started. Wherever you are on your social and environmental performance management journey—curious, unsure where to start, stuck on a certain point, or determined to grow from good to great— we will meet you where you are, with the resources that you need.

Products & Services

universal standards

Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance Management

Our signature product. First published in 2012, the Universal Standards are now in their third edition and reflect the collective real-world wisdom of financial service providers from all over the world.

universal standards guide

Universal Standards Implementation Guide

Offers comprehensive guidance to financial institutions on how to implement the practices found in the Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance Management.

client protection

Client Protection Pathway

Client protection is not the whole of social and environmental performance management—but it is one very important element. The Client Protection Pathway is a three-step roadmap with a set of practical resources and recognition for hitting milestones.


RIFFs: Responsible Inclusive Finance Facilities

With generous support from donors, SPTF delivers hands-on training and co-financing of social performance management projects through our Responsible Inclusive Finance Facilities, or RIFFs. Organized by region, the RIFFs currently operate in Africa, Asia, and Latin America/Caribbean.

working group

Working Groups

SPTF uses our global convening power to facilitate working groups organized around impact investing, customer empowerment, digital financial services, and other timely issues. Our working groups are active and engaged, and facilitated by experts in their respective subject areas.

sp14 audit

SPI4 Audit Guide

CERISE SPI4 is a social performance audit tool to help financial service providers achieve their social mission. SPI4 brings together industry standards under one tool, offering a common language for reporting to stakeholders. The audit guide provides practical, field-based guidance on how to conduct an audit and analyze the SPI4 indicators.




If you’re about a social mission, measure it. Look at it. Think about how your changes affect your social outputs.

John de Wit,Small Enterprise Foundation

We don’t think of social performance as a trade-off in any way. Social performance, when it’s done well, makes good business sense, because you know your clients

David Dewez,Incofin


We use the Universal Standards with our investees because they are specific and operational and not just principles.

Lone Søndergaard, Nordic Microfinance Initiative

You can’t just assume that because people are repaying their loans, that means you’re doing great and you don’t actually need to follow up and see how those people are doing.

Refilwe Mokoene

In the impact investment space, “the Universal Standards are an island of coherence in a sea of chaos.”

Tris Lumley,New Philanthropy Capital

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video 01

SPM helped put us on the map

FSP UGAFODE Uganda describes how SPM helped turn their failing business around.

video 02

Finding Balance for Financial Service Providers

FSP Contractor discusses how SPM helps it balance social and financial goals.

video 03

Investors Agree: Use the Universal Standards

Prominent investors describe how they benefit from the Universal Standards.