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The Smart Campaign Transition

Announcement from the Smart Campaign on their closure
Announcement from SPTF and CERISE on the transition in English, Spanish, French
Frequently asked questions from SPTF and CERISE in English, Spanish, French

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Laura Foose staff portrait Jan2016 RZ   
  January special edition: "A Tale of Two Bankers"  
  A new year message from Laura Foose, Executive Director, SPTF.

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Articles and Opinions

September 2019
CFI Blog post “Suddenly, This Summer” by Leah Wardle, Laura Foose, and Anne Folan

January 2017
NextBillion blog "Microfinance for Refugee Populations: What We’ve Learned and Where to Go Next" by SPTF Deputy Director Amelia Greenberg.

October 2016
SPTF blog: "Toward a New Business as Usual" by Katherine Knotts.

September 2016
MIX article: "Where Good Intenions Meet Good Business Practice" by Meraj Husain and Micol Pistelli.
"What Every Good Microfinance Business Should Track and Why" by Micol Pistelli, published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.
"Summary of the 2015 Universal Standards Implementation Survey" Microfinance Barometer 2016 (Page 4).

September 2016
Read The role of the SPTF in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

February 2016
"What Impact Investors Can Learn from the Microfinance Industry" written by Laura Foose and Anne Folan, as featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

January 2016
See a list of blogs and articles focusing on balancing financial and social returns.
Read about SPTF Featured Member Anne Hastings

December 2015
"Does Social Impact Demand Financial Sacrifice?" Article published by Knowledge@Wharton.

August 2015
"What Matters Gets Measured" Statement from the SPTF Board of Directors

November 2015
"Impact Investment Benchmark: What's "Impact" Got to do with it?  Blog by Grassroots Capital Management
"Opportunities in Impact Investing- Key Considerations for Impact Investors in Inclusive Finance" by Laura Foose and Leticia Emme, SPTF 

October 2015
"Impact Investing: Financial Returns are Only Half the Story" Article by Bjoern Struewer, Roots of Impact
"Benchmarking, Bifurcation, and Beyond - Pushing the Boundaries of the Wharton Study on Impact Investing" Blog by Enclude Solutions