Our Organization and Members

The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) is a non-profit membership organization with more than 3,000 members from all over the world. Our members come from every stakeholder group in inclusive finance. SPTF engages with these stakeholders to develop and promote standards and good practices for social performance management (SPM), in an effort to make financial services safer and more beneficial for clients.

Our Core Funders

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Our Program Funders

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Our Work

In 2012, the SPTF released the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (Universal Standards), a comprehensive manual of best SPM practices, to serve as a resource for all financial service providers (FSPs) with social goals. We work with all stakeholders—from FSPs, networks, regulators, and others—to promote adoption of the Universal Standards.

The SPTF Strategic Plan details recent achievements, and describes our six core work areas for 2015-2017.

Interview with Chairman Emeritus Frank DeGiovanni: Reflections on 10 years of the Social Performance Task Force

SPTF blog "Toward a New Business as Usual" by Katherine Knotts.

Our focus: social performance management (SPM)

The SPTF promotes social performance management (SPM): The systems that organizations use to achieve their stated social goals and put customers at the center of strategy and operations. SPM practices including defining and monitoring social goals, developing client-centric products and services, treating clients and employees responsibly, and balancing social and financial performance.

Our vision

Social performance management is standard business practice among all stakeholders and is used to achieve the social promise of inclusive finance.

Our mission

Empowering inclusive finance stakeholders to develop and implement Universal Standards for Social Performance Management.

As a trusted global membership organization, the SPTF is uniquely positioned to fulfill its mission by:

  • Setting and promoting industry standards for SPM and reporting.
  • Providing training and other resources to deepen implementation of SPM.
  • Building consensus on the desired outcomes of financial inclusion and on how to measure and report them.
  • Providing a platform for dialogue, learning, and collaboration between all types of stakeholders around the world.