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October 29 - November 2, 2018

Financial Inclusion Week  

The annual Financial Inclusion Week will bring together a variety of stakeholders to discuss this year's theme: "Getting Inclusion Right." The week, which is hosted by the Center for Financial Inclusion, will host several events that seek to answer the question: What do we need to get right to ensure that gains in access lead to true improvements in the lives of the underserved?  As part of the week, SPTF will host a webinar on Oct. 31 on bridging the digital divide. 

October 30- 31, 2018

GIIN Investor Forum

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Investor Forum convenes investors to advance impact strategies within the wider finanical ecosystem. SPTF will lead a panel session on microfinance market developments, discussing issues such as the evolution of the microfinance market and how technology advancements are affecting impact strategies. Registration is open here

October 30-31, 2018

Asia-Pacific Microfinance Forum 

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) Microfinance Forum will gather a variety of stakeholders from the region to discuss trends in financial inclusion. Representatives from SPTF and the Smart Campaign will lead a keynote discussion on the advancement of standards for responsible digital financial services and how to keep clients at the center in the evolving digital landscape. Registration is open here

October 31, 2018

Webinar: Bridging the "digital divide"
WebEx, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. EDT 

Digital financial services come with the promise of deepening financial inclusion, but are they creating a new type of exclusion? Join this SPTF webinar, which is part of Financial Inclusion Week, to take a critical look at the widening "digital divide" and discuss solutions for providers who want to keep their focus on responsible financial inclusion, even as they join the digital revolution.  To join, view WebEx details here

November 6-7, 2018

Sanabel Conference 

This year's Sanabel Conference will focus on how financial service providers can serve clients responsibly and provide value in a broadening ecosystem of digital services and products. SPTF and CERISE will lead a panel on social performance trends in the region, as identified by SPI4 audits, and SPTF will lead an additional panel discussing the applicability of SPM to commercial banks. Registration is open here

November 14-16, 2018

European Microfinance Week

European Microfinance Week, hosted by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), convenes global stakeholders to discuss a variety of topics related to financial inclusion. This year, SPTF will participate in four panels, including discussions on the applicability of the Universal Standards to new actors and the development of an SDG framework to guide investors' strategy. Registration is open here

SPTF Announcements

New SPTF resources: Videos, case studies 

SPTF is pleased to announce several new resources that demonstrate the value of social performance management: 

  • SPM Videos: RENACA and ACFB. SPTF worked with ACFB and RENACA, two financial service providers in Benin, to create training videos on how improved SPM practices benefited their businesses. The videos are available in French (RENACA; ACFB) and with English subtitles (RENACA; ACFB). 
  • Case study: ACFB. SPTF also wrote a case study on how ACFB survived a crisis and then steadily improved its overal performance through investment in strong SPM practices. The case study is available in French, and an English version will be available soon.
  • Case study: Fondo Esperanza. The case study on Fondo Esperanza (Chile), published by the SPTF Outcomes Working Group, is now available in French here. The case study explains how Fondo Esperanza uses outcomes data to inform its own strategic and operational decisions, as well as to communicate with clients on their personal progress. The case also lists the specific indicators that Fondo Esperanza uses to measure client outcomes in its four focus areas: business development, family well-being, empowerment, and social capital. The case is also available in English.

SPTF webinar and event roundup

SPTF has held several webinars and events in the past month. If you've missed any, catch up here: 

  • Technical Assistance (TA) Provider Webinar Series. The Responsible Microfinance Facility continued its series of online trainings for TA providers in areas of SPM where we often see gaps in practices. Trainings in the past month included: Client outcomes management, led by Entreprenuers du Monde (held in French and in English), and digital transformation, led by MicroSave (held in French and in English.)

    Visit the series webpage to listen to recordings and view presentations from all series webinars. Past topics have included improving pricing transparency, preventing overindebtedness, and implementing client complaints' mechanisms. All topics had webinars in French and in English. 
  • CDC-SPTF FinTech webinar series. Earlier this month, SPTF hosted the latest installment of its FinTech webinar series for investors. On the webinar, Monica Brand Engel of Quona Capital discussed how her institution leverages partnerships to identify technology risks and opportunities in FinTech investments, all with the goal of making sure investees provide value to end clients. RippleWorks, one of Quona's partners, joined the call to discuss how it matches Silicon Valley experts -- who are working pro-bono -- with social enterprises in emerging markets. View the presentation, listen to the recording, and read the brief

    This webinar is part of a larger series hosted by the CDC Group and SPTF that aims to help investors better evaluate SPM risks and end-client benefits in FinTech investments. Visit the series webpage to view recordings, presentations and briefs from past webinars, which have included issues such as evaluating risks with pricing transparency and agent management networks. 
  • SPTF Social Investor Working Group (SIWG) update call. The SIWG, which aims to advance responsible investment in financial inclusion, held a call earlier this month to share updates on priorirty workstreams identified by its investor members. Discussions included how to better manage reporting on the SDGs, using the Impact Management Project framework, and a potential responsible digital transformation lab, which would support MFIs in their digital transformation while also nurturing FinTechs that have designed scalable solutions for the financial inclusion sector. Visit the SIWG webpage to view the presentation, listen to the recording, and read the minutes
  • Workshop: Maintaining the social promise of financial inclusion. Leah Wardle, a senior SPM consultant at SPTF, led a worksop at the MFC-EMN Annual Conference in Bilbao, Spain earlier this month. The workshop focused on maintaining the social promise of financial inclusion in a competitive market. Speakers included Cameron Goldie-Scot, CEO of Musoni Services, and Joris Crisa, Regional Manager for MENA at MicroFinanza Rating. View the workshop presentation here

Representatives from MIMOSA, EDM join SPTF board

SPTF is pleased to welcome two new members to its Board of Directors. All board members have been elected by peers in their stakeholder groups. 

  • Daniel Rozas (MIMOSA) - Daniel is a Senior Microfinance Expert at e-MFP and a consultant and researcher on a broad range of topics. Daniel is also co-founder of the MIMOSA project, which provides a methodological assessment of market saturation and risk of over-indebtedness for leading microfinance markets. 
  • Eugénie Constancias (Entrepreneurs du Monde) - Eugénie is the Social Performance Manager for Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM), where she develops practical solutions to help FSPs implement the Unviersal Standards for SPM. Her work involves helping organizations define their mission, theory of change, and targets, as well as helping them define sets of indicators and processes to track clients' socio-economic profiles. 

SPTF receives additional RMF funding from the Government of Luxembourg/European Investment Bank

SPTF is happy to announce that it has received additional funding from the Government of Luxembourg, via the European Investment Bank, to expand activities of the Responsible Microfinance Facility (RMF). The funding will focus on supporting the digital transformation of financial service providers through trainings and through co-financing digital readiness assessments and upgrade projects related to digital transformation. 

SPTF regional implementation facilities 

Apply now for co-financing and trainings!   

SPTF now manages three regional SPM implementation facilities, each of which aims to strengthen the capacity and SPM practices of financial service providers in its region. The facilities cover Africa, the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. 


Each facility offers trainings that focus on SPM-related tools, as well as building the capacity of local consultants and networks to improve SPM. The facilities also co-finance activities that are designed to help FSPs begin to assess their SPM practices and implement improvements. 


Each facility accepts applications on a rolling basis and reviews them quarterly. The facilities and their upcoming deadlines are listed below: 

  • Responsible Microfinance Facility (RMF) for Africa and the Middle East. Funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), with additional project funding from the Government of Luxembourg via the European Investment Bank (EIB). To learn more about the facility, visit its webpage. The next application deadline is December 3.
  • Responsible Inclusive Finance Facility for Central America and the Caribbean (RIFF-CAC). Funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), with additional project funding from the Government of Luxembourg via the EIB. To learn more about the facility, visit its webpage. The next application deadline is November 16
  • Responsible Inclusive Finance Facility for Southeast Asia (RIFF-SEA). Funded by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg. To learn more about the facility, visit its webpage. The next application deadline is November 23

If you are not located in one of these regions but are interested in learning how to implement SPM, please email We will help direct you to the best available resources for your needs. 


News from the SPTF community

Resources on digital transformation

The Partnership for Financial Inclusion, a joint initiative of IFC and the MasterCard Foundation to expand microfinance and advance digital financial services in sub-Saharan Africa, developed the following two resources to share insights gained in program projects for the industry: 

These resources are helpful to start thinking about digital transformation. Additionally, the Responsible Inclusive Finance Facilitiees in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Central America and the Caribbean provide co-funding for FSPs who are interested in conducting a digital readiness assessment or have identified an upgrade project to help them transform.

MicroSave publishes digital transformation newsletter series

MicroSave has been publishing a series of communications on the emerging digital divide, particularly focusing on the drivers of the divide, which include inadequate infrastructure in rural villages to support FinTech, lack of access to smartphones in poor households, lack of literacy and numeracy, and mistrust of technology. The publications can be found here and here.

Microfinance Gateway renamed the FinDev Gateway

The Microfinance Gateway, CGAP's knowledge-sharing platform, has renamed itself the FinDev Gateway. "FinDev, which stands for 'Financial Inclusion for Development,' is part of a strategic repositioning of the Gateway, which has evolved from a microfinance online repository established nearly 20 years ago into a knowledge-sharing platform engaging the broader financial inclusion community," Greta Bull, CEO of CGAP, said in the announcement

CGAP publishes blog on digital credit growth in East Africa 

Last month, CGAP published a blog post discussing how evidence of extremely high default rates on millions of loans in East Africa suggest the need for funders to rethink how they support digital credit markets, and it particularly emphasized the need for an increased focus on client protection. The post was part of CGAP's series called Digital Credit: Borrower Experiences and Emerging Risks.

SPTF Membership

SPTF thanks its paying organizational members

Earlier this year, SPTF started collecting annual membership fees from its stakeholders. We wish to recognize our sustaining members, whose partnership and financial support ensure our ongoing operations. SPTF is the only inclusive finance community that spans all industry stakeholders -- and is therefore fundamental to building cross-sectional knowledge, strengthening practitioners, and maintaining the focus needed for industry-wide change. 

To further acknowledge these members, we will be highlighting a few such organizations each month.

Pakistan Microfinance Network


AGAHE Pakistan






The Small Enterprise Foundation



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Resources and References

Explore the resources below for tools and guidance to help strengthen your social performance management and achieve your social and financial goals.

Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Technical Assistance Database  Universal Standards Implementation Guide
SPI4 Tool SPTF Guidance Notes SPTF Resource Center
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