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SPTF Spotlight: Highlighted SPM Resources   

Recently Launched Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines 


The Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines have been launched by the Better Than Cash Alliance!  This has been a multi-year effort that involved consultation with many of the stakeholders in the financial inclusion space—including three Responsible Finance Forums as well as discussions and meetings in between—and included many members of the SPTF. The aim is to provide a helpful tool for all stakeholders supporting responsible practices in digital payments, particularly for those who have been unbanked or underserved.

Learn more about Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines on our website.

SPTF Guidance Note
SPM Standout

Guiding your Board to Manage SPM

Most boards have the best intentions for their FSPs.  But your board may need some straightforward guidance on SPM so they can manage the institution’s double bottom-line. Learn tips and talking points in the SPTF Guidance Note series #5.



Learn about Microcredit Foundation EKI’s (Bosnia and Herzegovina) successful new service, the EKI Business Club. Club members can advertise their businesses in the EKI Bulletin, and can read about EKI news and useful financial tips. The Club  has increased EKI clients’ sales and their business financial knowledge and connections. Watch this EKI Business Club video featuring client reactions to the EKI Bulletin.

Social InvEstor Working Group
Outcomes Working Group

Setting Covenants in Support of Responsible Microfinance 

The SPTF  reached out to all current endorsers of the Lenders’ Guidelines for Setting Covenants in Support of Responsible Microfinance asking for confirmation of the revised version of the document – which was shared in recent meetings in New York City and Marrakech. The document will be finalized by the end of August. The revised version will be circulated among all group members and updated on the SPTF website in September.

Outcomes Indicators Project

At the Redcamif conference, the SPTF hosted a workshop on the outcomes indicators developed by the Outcomes Working Group. Practitioners from across Central America learned about the proposed outcomes indicators in the areas of business, poverty, and resilience.  They  provided feedback on how to improve these indicators and exchanged current good practices for data collection and management. Get a copy of the workshop materials in Spanish.

Meetings & Webinars
SPTF Resource Center

Treat Employees Responsibly - Universal Standards Dimension 5

Listen to this webinar as Kenyan and Pakistani institutions discuss concrete ways to increase employee satisfaction.

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Behavioral Research and Design

Watch this video to learn more about Behavioral Research and Design at BRAC Bangladesh. Learn more about GRID Impact and BRAC.


Resources and References

Explore the resources below for tools and guidance to help strengthen your social performance management and achieve your social and financial goals.

Universal Standards for Social Performance Management CGAP Brief on the Universal Standards Implementation Guide Universal Standards Implementation Guide
SPI4 Tool SPTF Guidance Notes SPTF Resource Center
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