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SPTF Spotlight: Highlighted SPM Resources  

Course: Dimension 5 - Treat Employees Responsibly

Last year, in response to demand from members, the SPTF piloted its first paid online course. The course, held in Spanish, focused on helping financial service providers improve Human Resources management by implementing Dimension 5 of the Universal Standards for SPM.

The SPTF and two experts from Human Capital MF (Solymar Torres and Beatriz Moncada) led the course, and 16 HR and social performance management professionals participated.

WebEx conferencing capabilities allowed for interactive online sessions, and a private Facebook group facilitated discussions among peers after each webinar. 

Participants are now better equipped to develop and implement strategies to improve HR management. They can implement best practices to improve employee commitment to social goals, increase employee retention and boost customer satisfaction. 

Feedback from participants: 

"Being able to share with my colleagues on a daily basis both real experiences on HR processes as well as the theoretical principles has made this course an excellent learning experience. I recommend that everyone participate!"
- Miguel Ángel Delgado S., IDEPRO 

"Excellent experience! My expectations were exceeded 100%. The virtual platform was practical and easy to use and facilitated thorough presentations. Interesting topics were introduced by guest speakers. Above all, listening to actual experiences from our microfinance sector's Human Resource managers was enriching. The presenters in each session helped make this a great learning experience. I highly recommend it." 
- Tannia Petillo, Fundación Covelo 

For the sessions and topics discussed, check the program course. For further information, please contact us. To read more on HR management, check the SPTF Resource Center section on Dimension 5 or the SPTF Implementation Series webinars.

SPTF Guidance Note
SPM Standout

Client Delinquency and Default: SPM Solutions 

Client delinquency and default erodes institutional sustainability, and it is a serious warning sign of client vulnerability. This guidance note will help you use the Universal Standards to tackle this problem.


Learn how AgroInvest supports economic progress in undeveloped rural areas.

Looking for an SPM consultant for your next project? Don't forget to check out the SPTF Technical Assistance Database

Social InvEstorS Working Group
Outcomes Working Group


ALINUS is a social performance data collection tool for investor due diligence and monitoring. The tool, which stands for ALigning INvestors due-diligence and reporting to the Universal Standards, is a subset of 68 SPI4 indicators, selected by the SPTF Social Investors Working Group through a collaborative and iterative process.  

New Publications Launched

The SPTF Outcomes Working Group published two new resources, written by Frances Sinha: Making the Case for Outcomes Management  and its Guidelines on Outcomes Management for FSPs.

Past Meetings & Webinars
SPTF Resource Center

Global Networks for FSPs: Promoting Best Practices for SPM

Listen to a webinar focused on global networks’ use of the Universal Standards, including a discussion of challenges in implementation. It also discusses how networks can use the SPI4 and features an investor perspective on the USSPM and SPI4.

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Staff Satisfaction Surveys

The SPTF reviewed several practitioner staff satisfaction surveys to create an example of survey questions by dimension. FSPs can choose the questions that are most relevant for their institutions and create their own tailored staff satisfaction survey.



Resources and References

Explore the resources below for tools and guidance to help strengthen your social performance management and achieve your social and financial goals.

Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Technical Assistance Database  Universal Standards Implementation Guide
SPI4 Tool SPTF Guidance Notes SPTF Resource Center
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