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November 16-18, 2016

European Microfinance Week 
Abbaye de Neimënster, Luxembourg

European Microfinance Week will be hosting high level and in-depth discussions by all sectors of the European microfinance community working in developing countries. 

SPTF will be speaking at or involved in the following sessions:

Nov. 16: Working session on refugees 
Facilitator: Amelia Greenberg, SPTF

Nov. 16: Working session for Social Performance Outcomes Action Group 
Facilitator: Luccia Spaggiari.

Nov. 17: Measuring client outcomes 
Moderator: Amelia Greenberg, SPTF     This plenary session will feature three outcomes documents:

Nov. 18: Financial Inclusion for refugees 
Speaker: Amelia Greenberg, SPTF

November 23, 2016, 10 a.m. CET

Borrow Wisely Campaign 2016: Summary and lessons learned

This Microfinance Centre webinar will be conducted in English.

December 5-6, 2016

Inclusive Finance India Summit 
New Delhi, India

Inclusive Finance India Summit is a global platform to deliberate on issues related to financial inclusion. Each Summit features the release of the annual Responsible Finance India Report, which analyzes the financial inclusion progress during the course of the year.

December 7-8, 2016

GIIN Investor Forum 2016   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The forum features more than 600 delegates focused on impact investment or interested in engaging with the industry. 

March 15-16, 2017

SPTF Social Investor Working
Group Meeting 
Zurich, Switzerland

The 2017 SPTF Social Investor Working Group Meeting will be hosted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF), and the University of Zürich's Center for Microfinance. On the afternoon of March 16th, following the Social Investor Working Group meeting, SDC will host a half-day Savings and Credit Forum. 

Registration will begin in December. In the meantime please direct any questions to Leticia Emme of SPTF. 


SP Funding for FSPs

The Microfinance Centre invites financial service providers (FSPs) to apply directly to the SP Fund to receive co-financing for an SPI4 Social Audit Plus. The fund will co-finance an SPI4 audit, which allows an FSP to assess its alignment with the Universal Standards for SPM, as well as time for an auditor to help the provider create an action plan for improvements. FSPs from Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the MENA region are eligible to apply to the fund, which is supported by the Ford Foundation. Interested FSPs can apply any time until the funds are finished, up to July 2017.

Guidelines for Covenants in Support of Responsible Finance 2.0

Members of the Social Investor Working Group worked together to update the Lenders' Guidelines for Setting Covenants in Support of Responsible Finance ("reasonable covenants 2.0"), which were first developed in 2014. You can also read an interview with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) on their experience with the reasonable covenants.

Guidelines On Outcomes Management For Investors launched

The European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) is delighted to announce a new publication, European Dialogue No.10: Guidelines On Outcomes Management For Investors. The Guidelines are the result of the work of the e-MFP Social Performance Outcomes Action Group, which worked with the SPTF Outcomes Working Group to develop guidelines for integrating outcomes measurement into inclusive finance investors' operations. 

There is an increasing need for a standardized template of indicators to facilitate more effective communication on social performance between investors and FSPs. Such standardization will also enable asset owners who invest in microfinance funds to compare the social performance of different funds.

The investor guidelines draw on lessons learned from investor experience and address the following topics: 

  • If and how investors can consolidate outcomes measurement across their portfolios
  • When – and whether – investors should give input into financial service providers' decisions about outcomes indicators
  • How asset managers can help asset owners redefine financial and social returns

To view more resources from the SPTF Outcomes Working Group, please see its brief on Making the Case for Outcomes Management and its Guidelines on Outcomes Management for FSPs.

SPECIAL REPORT: A Preview of European Microfinance Week’s “New Frontiers on SPM: Measuring Client Outcomes”

Read an interview about e-MFP’s Social Performance Outcomes Action Group, featuring Lucia Spaggiari of Microfinanza Rating and Amelia Greenberg of SPTF. The pair will lead a plenary session on outcomes at European Microfinance Week


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Paul Luchtenburg

Financial Inclusion Specialist and SPTF Board Member

The reason I am doing what I am doing now can be expressed in one word… Rio.


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Financial Literacy 

Read MicroFinanza RatingsInsights publication on why client financial literacy is generally low and how it needs deliberate financial education measures to improve.


Research Analyst at Incofin  

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Resources and References

Explore the resources below for tools and guidance to help strengthen your social performance management and achieve your social and financial goals.

Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Technical Assistance Database Universal Standards Implementation Guide
SPI4 Tool SPTF Guidance Notes SPTF Resource Center
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