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Statement of solidarity
The staff and board of SPTF support racial equality in the United        States and around the world. Our industry works for the                        empowerment of the excluded. It is fueled by hope—the belief that      change is possible and urgent. 

Each of us is responsible for creating a society that supports all          people equally. Racism must not be tolerated in any form. 
We are incredibly proud to be part of a diverse global community        committed to creating a more just world. Your work inspires us.  


SPTF Announcements 

The SPI is now online!

 CERISE's SPI tool is now available in an online version that offers an improved user experience and the ability to collaborate with multiple auditors using an online account. We encourage you to check it out for your next social audit.

The SPI Help Center covers every step of the online account set up and usage. 
Contact support@cerise-spm.org.​​​

New SPTF Webinar Series: Using Client Insights to Drive your COVID-19 Response

Our new webinar series features FSPs who are collecting customer data and using the findings to inform their COVID-19 Response. Join us to glean ideas on how your institution or your partners can use client insights to drive your crisis response and recovery. 

Watch webinar #1: SEF (South Africa) and 4G Capital (Kenya) discuss what they have learned from clients and how it is shaping their organizational response to COVID.

Watch webinar #2: FINCA International and Annapurna (India) discuss their client data tools and how ongoing client monitoring is essential during this crisis. 

Joint frameworks gain momentum among social investors

A growing number of social and development investors are signing on to a set of common principles and processes to work with providers affected by COVID-19. 

This month, five additional MIVs signed onto the joint investor Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines a framework for managing debt rescheduling, loan workouts, and related actions aimed at limiting the financial risk that financial service providers face due to COVID-19. Additionally, six other organizations -- including investors, foundations, and microfinance networks -- joined a pledge that outlines key principles to protect microfinance institutions and their clients in the COVID-19 crisis. The MOU now has 14 signatories, and the pledge has 26 signatories.

A key factor in the success of these initiatives is critical mass. We call upon all investors to join these efforts -- not only by signing on to one or both of these agreements, but also by implementing the principles and guidance that they embody. To add your institution's name to these initiatives, please email contact@e-mfp.eu.

SPTF Events

June 24, 2020

English Webinar: Institutional Resilience Part 2
WebEx, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

Our first webinar on institutional resilience introduced the domains of resilience: Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Health, Tenacity, and Collaboration. The second webinar will present an overview of the framework for institutional resilience, delve deeper into each of its domains, and how they apply to FSPs. The discussion will look at practical approaches to enhance organizational resilience among FSPs. Before the webinar, take this assessment of your institution's resilience. (Click on the Take a Free Resilience Test hyperlink to start test.) 
Join the webinar here. Meeting ID: 834 7731 4292 Password: 609065

June 30, 2020

English Webinar: Using Client Insights to Drive your COVID-19 Response
Webinar #3 in the series
WebEx, 10 a.m - 11 .a.m UTC / 6 a.m. - 7 a.m. EDT 

This new webinar series features FSPs who are collecting customer data and using the findings to inform their COVID-19 response. Join us for ideas on how your institution or your partners can use client insights to drive your crisis response and recovery. Webinar #3 in the series will feature BRAC International (with a focus on their African affiliates) and Ujjivan (India)
Join the webinar here.




                     Resources You Can Use

Trending: the COVID-19 Client Interview Tool 

Since our launch last month, over 100 users have registered for the The COVID-19 Client Interview Tool--a set of simple, standardized questions for financial service providers (FSPs) to use when interviewing their clients during the pandemic. 

The survey questions produce actionable information for FSPs and their investors. FSPs are using it to understand the differences between clients and make informed, nuanced decisions about how to serve clients during and after the crisis.

The survey is available free of cost in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, with additional languages coming soon. SPTF has partnered with FINCA International to provide a free, electronic tool for capturing and analyzing the interview data.

FSPs can apply for co-financing to assist with the cost of implementation.

Liquidity Management for the Crisis

Record numbers of people have attended the SPTF webinar series on liquidity management in the past month. These webinars discussed strategies for liquidity analysis, stress testing, and contingency planning. They also introduced a tool that allows FSPs to build scenarios and analyze liquidity gaps, as well as a toolkit for business continuity. Thank you to ADA and Oikocredit for allowing us to use their materials in designing these webinars!

If you missed the series, check out the recorded sessions below! 

Global webinar 

Spanish webinar

Focus on Cambodia 

Focus on Myanmar 


SPTF Social Investor Working Group

Investors: Join the next SIWG call on Jun 24 to continue coordinating responses to COVID

Based on demand from our Social Investor Working Group members, we will be hosting virtual meetings regarding the investor response to the COVID crisis every other Wednesday. Our next call will take place Wednesday, June 24 from 10:30 a.m. EDT to 11:30 a.m. EDT and will focus on an update on the implementation of the COVID-19 Client Interview Tool, as well as discussing coordination on convenants related to COVID. Joining information for the call, which is open to investors only, can be found here.

On the call, we will continue sharing updates on investor efforts and resources related to COVID, with the goal of coordinating where possible and reducing duplication of efforts. Read the briefs from our biweekly calls, as well as our biweekly investor memos, here. If you have any other questions, please email Katie Hoffmann

Join our LinkedIn group for social investors!

On our first SIWG call focused on COVID, investors identified the need for a dynamic forum to share resources and lessons learned regarding the crisis. To that end, SIWG has created a LinkedIn group as a place where investors can share their latest information and questions. The group is open to investors only. Join here

SPTF Members: Responsibility in Action

Financial support from our sustaining members ensures our ongoing operations. We are proud of the ways that our members are responding to COVID-19. 

 Génesis serves customers virtually
 In a recent SPTF webinar, Edgardo Perez—General     Manager of Fundación Génesis Empresarial (Guatemala)—   talked to SPTF about  how Génesis is staying connected to   with customers through the Génesis App. Using the Génesis   App, the client can access credit, trainings, and personalized   consultations, ranging from medical consultations to legal and   financial consultations. This one-on-one counseling is free for   clients and is an added value that Genesis Empresarial offers   to benefit and retain its clients, now and after the crisis.  

 Génesis is also using their marketing and video capabilities to   offer e-learning services that are tailored to each client. The   app has different image options for the clients and allows clients to select the products and   consultation services they need. 

 To encourage their clients to use these services, Génesis   created a loyalty program. Users that participate in surveys,   watch educational videos, and download the Génesis App   receive prizes including free airtime minutes for their phones.   These prizes have been influential in encouraging   clients to   stay connected and get the support they need from Génesis.  

Said Edgardo: “There is no more important time to focus on social performance than right now. As a sector, we need to rethink business models and management models because after the pandemic they will not be the same, especially with regards to technology.”  

Equitas teaches clients new skills for weathering the crisis
In May, Equitas Small Finance Bank used video tutorials to demonstrate two new productive activities for clients: mask making and growing nutrient dense microgreens. Many clients took up mask making as a new income source and are growing greens for consumption and sale. 


      The Responsible Inclusive Finance Facilities:
                      Co-Financing Still Available 

SPTF's co-financing facilities are adapting to the crisis

SPTF's three responsible inclusive finance facilities are open and accepting applications for regular projects during the crisis. We are also adapting the facilities' policies to offer extra help to financial service providers during these trying times: 

  • We have simplified the application forms to help FSPs apply more quickly.
  • In addition to our usual topics, we are accepting applications for projects focused on helping FSPs weather the crisis, such as projects that build institutional resilience or develop digital channels to better connect with clients and staff. 

  • To accommodate time-sensitive projects related to the crisis, the facilities are reviewing applications with increased frequency.

If you're interested in applying for co-financing from one of SPTF's regional responsible inclusive finance facilities, see the respective regions below: 

The facilities are co-financing non-traditional projects in response to the crisis
Over the past three months, our projects represent innovative strategies to help clients in their hour of greatest need, support FSP staff, and aid management in building more resilient institutions, better equipped to whether this crisis and the next. These include:

A fintech in Mexico is partnering with an online delivery service to put their microentrepreneurs’ businesses on the map – literally as part of Google maps - so they can be seen by those searching for options online. This partnership will allow customers to order online and have the delivery service bring those purchases to their door, putting these microentrepreneurs back in business despite the stay at home order.

A national network in Guatemala is launching an online learning platform for FSPs’ staff and management that will allow the network to offer its usual array of workshops, seminars, and trainings, to employees, but in a virtual classroom. The platform will reach even more participants than their in-person offerings, will allow users to connect to additional content such as free webinars hosted by international organizations, and will create professional development opportunities even for those working from home who can now participate in classes leading to a Certificate in Microfinance Management, offered jointly by the network and a local university. 

A consortium of FSPs belonging to the national network in the Dominican Republic has hired a consultant to lead a project on building institutional resilience among the management teams of five FSPs and to teach the concepts used to build resiliency to FSP staff so they can continue to use these approaches in their work in the future. 

An FSP in Togo established a safe workshop space for some of its clients, who received training on how to produce hand sanitizer, while other clients dedicate themselves to sewing personal protective clothing. The FSP will be one of the purchasers of these goods, as it needs to buy these items for its own staff to keep them safe as they continue operations during the pandemic.

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