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SPTF Spotlight: Special Edition on Client Outcomes

The SPTF Outcomes Working Group

(Photo Credit: Fundación Génesis Empresarial) 

The SPTF is committed to helping the financial inclusion industry better create value for clients. To that end, it formed the Outcomes Working Group (OWG), which creates resources to help financial service providers (FSPs) manage client outcomes. This special edition highlights the group's work, outcomes resources, and ways you can get involved and learn more. 

Pilot Tests: Collecting and Analyzing Client Outcomes Data 

The OWG started its work by identifying outcome indicators for poverty, business, resilience, and health (with all health indicators contributed by Freedom from Hunger). It then developed a list of recommended indicators in each area that met the following criteria: relevant, actionable, clear, feasible, and comparable. The result is a list of harmonized social outcome indicators, and the SPTF is working with partners to test the use of these indicators in Peru and India. 

Peru: In 2016, the SPTF began working with three FSPs in Peru -- PRISMA, Norandino, and FINCA Peru -- to help them: 

  • Clarify their theory of change and select a short list of indicators to monitor
  • Learn from clients which outcomes they hope to achieve from financial services 
  • Determine how to collect, save, analyze, and report outcomes data
  • Conduct at least two rounds of data collection

Bobbi Gray of Grameen Foundation, with assistance from independent consultant Norma Rosas Lizárraga, is leading the pilot test, which will last until 2018. The pilot series will also feature peer learning events, which any interested institution may attend. Please email if your institution is interested in joining the pilot.

India: With funding from SIDBI and DFID provided through the Poorest States Inclusive Growth (PSIG) Program, Grameen Foundation India (GFI) is leading two projects related to the collection, analysis, and use of outcomes data. It has integrated some of the OWG's outcomes indicators into each project. Devahuti Choudhury of GFI is leading the work. The SPTF will be working with all parties to document learning from the field and facilitate peer exchange.

  • The first project is implementing a survey to establish baseline outcomes data with 20 different FSPs in India, of varying sizes, legal structures, and levels of engagement with social performance management. A third-party entity is collecting data for 21,000 clients across four regions in India.
  • The second project is helping four out of the 20 FSPs participating in the survey develop internal systems for collection, analysis, and use of outcomes data.

To learn more, read our blog on NextBillion. 

OWG Publications  

The OWG released three publications last year, each containing the list of recommended outcome indicators:

Brief for FSPs: OWG Facilitator Frances Sinha interviewed financial service providers around the globe and wrote the brief, Making the Case to Financial Service Providers for Outcomes Management. The brief discusses why outcomes management is essential to any FSP with social goals, focusing on the need to be accountable, review what is working, improve outcomes for clients, and strengthen the institution’s business. 


How-to guidelines: Frances Sinha wrote the Guidelines on Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providersa companion piece to the above brief. It provides guidance for FSPs to improve outcomes management in an affordable and feasible way, while still providing credible and relevant data.  




Guidelines for Investors: In collaboration with the e-MFP Social Performance Action Group, the OWG contributed to the development of Guidelines on Outcomes Management for Investors. The resource, written by Lucia Spaggiari, demonstrates different ways that social investors can engage in outcomes management. It also highlights issues around the roles that assets owners, asset managers, and financial service providers play, and how they can best collaborate.

Case studY
Case Study

Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa (KOMIDA)

KOMIDA, an FSP based in Indonesia, took steps to improve its outcomes management and overall social performance management.  This case study details how it improved, why it did so, and what results it has experienced to date. 

Fondo Esperanza

Fondo Esperanza, a Chilean FSP, has years of experience using and refining its outcome management system.  This case study, to be published in 2017, will explain the methodology used to collect data, lessons learned from outcomes data, and how operations change because of insights gained from data. 

SPTF annual Meeting 
OWG Webinars

Participate in Person 

The OWG will hold a full-day working session at SPTF's Annual Meeting in Mexico City, June 6-8. The session, which is open to all participants, will be on June 6. To attend, make sure to register for the Annual Meeting and view the draft agenda.

Participate Online

The SPTF organizes webinars to share lessons learned from institutions that are engaged in client outcomes management. After each webinar, a webinar brief is posted on the OWG webpage. For upcoming webinars, please visit our events page or sign up for our newsletter.

Field Examples
REsearch Papers

Visualizing Outcomes for Clients 

Fundación Génesis Empresarialan FSP in Guatemala with a strong commitment to social performance, recently developed a “Dare to Dream” banner. The banner, which hangs in its office for clients to see, explains client outcome goals in a compelling, visual, and simple way. 

Social Investment 

Timothy Ogden, managing director of the Financial Access Initiative at New York University,  wrote “The Case for Social Investment in Microfinance” in December 2016. It includes insights for investors on client outcomes that reinforce the OWG guidelines. 


Resources and References

Explore the resources below for tools and guidance to help strengthen your social performance management and achieve your social and financial goals.

Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Technical Assistance Database Universal Standards Implementation Guide
SPI4 Tool SPTF Guidance Notes  SPTF Resource Center
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