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SPTF Spotlight: Highlighted SPM Resources 

Are you a TA provider or an FSP? 

The SPTF has launched a new, more interactive technical assistance (TA) database.  The database, which matches financial service providers (FSPs) with TA providers, is free for TA providers to join and for users to search.
TA providers: you can create a profile that highlights your SPM experience, including the types of stakeholders you have worked with, any trainings you have led, and any tools you have used. Use your login to continually update your profile as you get new experience.
FSPs: you can search the database by language, location, and/or experience to find the best TA provider for your SPM project. Each profile has contact information and a reference for the TA provider.
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SPTF Guidance Note
SPM Standout

Convincing the SPM Skeptic

A smooth change in management process means having everyone on board. Whenever you meet resistance to your SPM work, it’s useful to have a plan to convince your skeptics of the value of SPM. Learn how to do this in the SPTF Guidance Note series #4.

TYM Fund 

Learn how TYM improves living quality of low-income women and their families by providing financial and non-financial services.


Social InvEstor Working Group
Outcomes Working Group

IRIS, SPTF, and the Investor Perspective

In June, the GIIN hosted a webinar with SPTF titled "IRIS, SPTF, and the Investor Perspective." The IRIS and SPTF teams provided an overview of how the SPI4 social audit tool incorporates the IRIS indicators relevant to financial inclusion. This alignment is part of a partnership between SPTF and IRIS to harmonize efforts in impact measurement and management. Grassroots Capital Management also shared their perspective on using both IRIS and SPI4. Read also the whitepaper.

Women's World Banking

In May, the Outcomes Working Group held a session with Women's World Banking where the organization shared three approaches for outcomes assessment. Listen to the recording of the webinar and read the brief.

Meetings & Webinars
SPTF Resource Center

Treat Clients Responsibly – Universal Standards Dimension 4

Listen to this recorded webinar for ideas on preventing over-indebtedness, increasing transparency, and other client protection practices. Experts provide practical advice that you can apply in your organization. 

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Collecting and Using Exit Survey data

The Smart Campaign has developed a tool that explains how financial institutions can design exit survey tools, collect exit data, and use them for designing and improving products and services. The tool explains a five-step process for developing, introducing, and using an exit survey.



Resources and References

Explore the resources below for tools and guidance to help strengthen your social performance management and achieve your social and financial goals.

Universal Standards for Social Performance Management CGAP Brief on the Universal Standards Implementation Guide Universal Standards Implementation Guide
SPI4 Tool SPTF Guidance Notes SPTF Resource Center
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