Dimension 2: Ensure board, management, and employee commitment to social goals

Your board, management and staff should be clear, committed and incentivized to achieve your social objectives. Dimension 2 has three standards:

Members of the Board of Directors hold the provider accountable to its mission and social goals.

Your board should use social performance information to shape and adjust your institution's strategy, and hold the director to account for achieving social objectives. It should also protect the provider's social focus in times of transformation and growth. Use these resources to learn more about turning commitment into action at board level.

Senior management oversees implementation of the provider's strategy for achieving its social goals.

Your board should be accountable for using social performance information to ensure your organization is on track to achieve its social objectives and treat clients in an ethical manner. The board should also be actively managing risks that your institution faces in relation to its social objectives. Use these resources to help build your board's oversight capacity.

Employee recruitment and evaluation are based on both social and financial performance criteria.

From the moment they are hired, your institution should instill its values in new employees, and encourage these through routine training and balanced incentives. Use these resources to build commitment to your social objectives and responible treatment of clients among staff.