Dimension 3: Design products and services that meet clients’ needs and preferences

Your institution should understand how financial and non-financial services fit into your clients' lives and help them to achieve their financial goals, whether this be to smooth their income, invest in opportunities, or to create a safety net for emergencies. Once you have a clear picture of clients' needs and preferences, design your intervention accordingly. Dimension 3 has two standards:

The provider understands the needs and preferences of different types of clients. 

Listening to clients means understanding how the needs and product use of different client groups vary, how client satisfaction and exit varies by client group and the reasons behind these. Use these resources to build your listening skills and analytical acumen.

The provider's products, services, and delivery channels are designed to benefit clients, in line with the provider's social goals. 

Client-centered design means thinking through how to reduce barriers to financial access, as well as helping clients to cope with risk and emergencies, and invest in opportunities. Use these resources to help your institution turn insights about clients into smart product design and effective delivery.