Dimension 5: Treat employees responsibly

Your staff are your greatest asset for achieving your social objectives. Actively value your staff, make sure they're clear on their roles and responsibilities, and listen to their ideas about how to improve your organization - and they will do excellent work for you. Dimension 5, which Cerise+SPTF co-developed with the International Labor Organization and the e-MFP Human Resources Action Group, has three standards:

The provider follows a written human resources policy that protects employees and creates a supportive working environment. 

Creating a supportive working environment means having the policies and procedures in place to guarantee that your institution is a non-discriminatory and safe place to work, and that it remunerates staff appropriately and addresses their grievances. It also involves avoiding child labor. Use these resources to strengthen your support for staff.

The provider communicates to all employees the terms of their employment and provides training for essential job functions. 

In order to do excellent work, staff need clarity on their remit, training to achieve this successfully, and a fair and transparent system for evaluating and incentivizing their performance. Use these resources to guide your thinking about how to support staff.

The provider monitors employee satisfaction and turnover. 

A staff-focused organization will take regular steps to understand whether staff are satisfied in their work, why they chose to leave your employment, and act when red flags arise in the course of this routine monitoring. Use these resources to strengthen your practice.