Standard 5c

The provider monitors employee satisfaction and turnover. 

A staff-focused organization will take regular steps to understand whether staff are satisfied in their work, why they chose to leave your employment, and act when red flags arise in the course of this routine monitoring. Use these resources to strengthen your practice.


Guidance on Standard 5C

Imp-Act SPM Practice Guide: Chapter 7

This chapter tackles issues around human resource management. In this context, the discussion starting on page 130 around staff satisfaction, becomes relevant.

e-MFP blog series on Human Resources Development

What MFIs have learned about engaging employees (Part 1 and Part 2)

This blog shares reflections from Human Resource Development experts on why employees engage and why employees stay engaged.

Supporting Managers in their HRD Role

Managers play a critical role in HR development. They establish expectations, identify needs, facilitate learning, nurture individual potential, and coordinate teamwork. This e-MFP blog explores some of the ways that MFIs are supporting managers to carry out these functions.

Tools and Templates

Organizational Gender Assessment Toolkit
This Women’s World Banking toolkit provides providers with the tools and guidance to conduct a self-assessment of their recruitment, retention, and promotion of female staff.

Staff Satisfaction Survey Example Questions
This short document provides example questions that you can use to measure staff satisfaction.