Dimension 7: Environmental Performance Management

In a context where climate change and environmental degradation are already affecting every region of our planet, and in particular the most vulnerable populations, it is clear that financial and social sustainability objectives will not be achieved without considering environmental issues. FSPs should seriously engage in improving their environmental performance, avoiding to generate negative environmental impacts and contributing to foster climate change adaptation, environmental risk mitigation and regenerative solutions. Dimension 7, which Cerise+SPTF co-developed with the e-MFP Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF-AG), has three standards:

The provider has an environmental strategy and systems in place to implement it.

Use the resources in this section to understand what environmental performance management means in practice, explore a variety of case studies, and get inspired to define your FSPs' environmental strategy.

The provider identifies and manages environmental risks and opportunities.

Use the resources in this section to help you set up an adapted environmental risk management system.

The provider offers financial and non-financial products and services to achieve its environmental goals.

Use the resources in this section to design and implement innovative products and services with a positive environmental impact. The proposed resources focus on climate-smart and sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.