Standard 7a

The provider has an environmental strategy and systems in place to implement it.

Use the resources in this section to understand what environmental performance management means in practice, explore a variety of case studies, and get inspired to define your FSPs' environmental strategy.


Green inclusive finance - Status, trends and opportunities!

This publication by Enclude summarizes the latest thinking about the role of Green Inclusive Finance, the state-of-affairs (as of 2015), and emerging trends.

Case Studies

Webinars on green inclusive and climate-smart finance

This webinar series organized by the Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance (GICSF) Action Group of e-MFP shares the experience of various stakeholders (FSPs, investors, TA providers, networks...) in implementing green inclusive finance activities.

Online library on Green Inclusive and Climate-Smart Finance

This online library, compiled by the GICSF Action Group, gathers over 330 publications related to green inclusive and climate-smart finance (research articles, reports, Master and PhD thesis, guidelines, case studies, etc.).

European Dialogue - 5th European Microfinance Award - Microfinance and the Environment

This publication presents ten initiatives from FSPs in the field of green inclusive finance. A variety of actions are presented: adoption of an environmental strategy, management of direct and indirect environmental impacts, financial and non-financial products for renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, water and sanitation, etc. These initiatives were all shortlisted for the 2014 European Microfinance Award.

DID Reference Framework - Environment

This document looks at the types of risks incurred by financial institutions that ignore environmental concerns, and offers social and environmental management mechanisms to address these risks, based on the experience of DID.