Juan Vega
Base country: Nicaragua
Gender: Male
Contact information Email: educacionfinancieranic@gmail.com Phone: +50581320428
Institution LIBERTAD FINANCIERA / FINANCIAL FREEDOM http://www.123libertadfinanciera.com/ ( Institution ) Countries Worked in United States, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Spain Languages Spoken English (United States), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish; Castilian (Spain), Spanish; Castilian (Mexico) Areas of Expertise Participate in social ratings, Participate in impact assessments, Analyze the institution as a whole and determine how to integrate social performance into both the strategic plan and all operational areas., Change management (i.e., support the institution as it implements new processes and undergoes change), Define mission, strategy, and social goals, Develop social indicators and collect data to measure progress against social goals, Use computerized management information system (MIS) or other information systems to collect and analyze social performance data, Provide non-financial services (e.g. education program), Strengthen governance to improve management/board capacity to manage social performance, Conduct market research, Develop new microfinance products and services., Develop appropriate delivery models and channels (e.g., training of agents and/or clients for responsible digital financial services.), Conduct quantitative research and analysis of clients (e.g., client satisfaction surveys, client focus groups, client exits), Improve human resources (e.g., recruitment, hiring, training, staff incentives), Strengthen responsibility to the environment, Incorporate a gender perspective
strategic planning, governance, financial education, managerial coaching, product development, green financial services,
Tools Used SPI3, SPI4, Smart Campaign Client Protection Assessment, MicroSave Tools Verified Qualifications Smart Campaign Support Assessor Trainings Provided REDCAMIF Hired me to deliver a Managerial Coaching Methodology, Financial Education, and to Improve the Governance of MFIs in several countries. The methodologies focus on key aspect of social performance such as good governance, management with human face, emotional intelligence, good communication, supervision, client and customer satisfaction, among others.
Years of Experience 10+ years Type of Stakeholder Experience Regulated microfinance institutions, Banks, Savings-led organizations (e.g., cooperatives, SACCOs, credit unions), National associations or networks, Regional/international associations or networks, Investors or donors, Policy makers
Trainings Attended
Course Name Date Organization That Delivered Training Duration of Training
Financial Education 05/08/2006 - Micro Finance Opportunities and Freedom From Hunger Methodology 2 Weeks
Managers Training of Trainers 11/14/1999 CITIBANK 2 weeks
Trainings Attended
Course Name
Financial Education
Organization That Delivered Training
- Micro Finance Opportunities and Freedom From Hunger Methodology
Duration of Training
2 Weeks
Course Name
Managers Training of Trainers
Organization That Delivered Training
Duration of Training
2 weeks
REDCAMIF - Central America Names of service providers worked with: NICARAGUA: FDL, FAMA, CEPRODEL, FINDE,
Country: Nicaragua Subject of the work: Managerial Coaching Duration of project: 1 - 3 Months Outputs/work produts: Improved MIS, Better communication, emotional intelligence, supervision and satisfaction of employee Reference at organization that hired you: Several CEOs and Managers coordinadora.sfi@redcamif.org Reference at financial service provider with which you worked: ARACELY CASTILLO coordinadora.sfi@redcamif.org
FDL Names of service providers worked with: Financiera Fondo de Desarrollo Local (Largest Rural Regulated MFI in Nicaragua) Country: Nicaragua Subject of the work: Managerial Coaching, Green Financial Services development, Financial Education Duration of project: 3 to 6 months Outputs/work produts: 1. Better communication, emotional intelligence, employee and customer satisfaction
2. Better time management and productivity
3. Green Financial service developed
4. Better Financial Education for clients and employee
Reference at organization that hired you: Julio Flores - CEO floresc@fdl.com.ni Reference at financial service provider with which you worked:
SAC INTEGRAL - EL SALVADOR - BID FOMIN Names of service providers worked with: Sociedad de Ahorro y Crédito Integral Country: El Salvador Subject of the work: Green financial services development
Managerial Coaching
Duration of project: 12 months Outputs/work produts: 1. Financial service implemented
2. Better communication, time management, and productivity
Reference at organization that hired you: ENCLUDE THE NETHERLANDS with Funding from MIF - IADB aloeff@encludesolutions.com Reference at financial service provider with which you worked: Luis Castillo - President of the Board luis.castillo@integral.com.sv