Technical Assistance Provider Search - Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong
Base country: Singapore
Contact information Email: Phone: 83329534
Institution Opportunity International Countries Worked in Colombia, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Mozambique, Philippines, Rwanda, Serbia, Uganda Languages Spoken English (Australia) Areas of Expertise Participate in SPI4 social audit, Analyze the institution as a whole and determine how to integrate social performance into both the strategic plan and all operational areas., Define mission, strategy, and social goals, Develop social indicators and collect data to measure progress against social goals, Use computerized management information system (MIS) or other information systems to collect and analyze social performance data, Implement the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles to improve client protection practices, Conduct pre-certification mission for Client Protection Certification, Conduct quantitative research and analysis of clients (e.g., client satisfaction surveys, client focus groups, client exits), Strengthen responsibility to the environment
Verified Qualifications SPI4 Accredited Auditor, Smart Campaign Support Assessor
Years of Experience 10+ years Type of Stakeholder Experience Non-regulated MFIs/NGOs, Regulated microfinance institutions, Regional/international associations or networks
Opportunity International Names of service providers worked with: Multiple Country: Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Mozambique, Philippines, Rwanda, Uganda Subject of the work: SPM, particularly client protection and social data. Duration of project: Ongoing, generally 6 month minimum. Outputs/work produts: Audits, reports and recommendations, action plans, TA support. Reference at organization that hired you: Calum Scott Reference at financial service provider with which you worked: