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Ana Teresa Avilés Cruz
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Institution Instituto Nicarag ( Institution ) Languages Spoken English (United States), Spanish; Castilian (Spain) Areas of Expertise Participate in impact assessments, Strengthen responsibility to the environment, Incorporate a gender perspective
Tools Used Progress out of Poverty™ (PPI) Tool
Other Experience No aplica
Trainings Attended
Course Name Date Organization That Delivered Training Duration of Training
PPI de Grameen Programa MISION-REDCAMIF 5 d
Trainings Attended
Course Name
PPI de Grameen
Organization That Delivered Training
Duration of Training
5 d
Programa MISION-Red Centromaricana y del Caribe de Microfinanzas (REDCAMIF) Names of service providers worked with: Asociaci Country: Nicaragua Subject of the work: Implementaci Duration of project: 2 meses Outputs/work produts: Implementado el PPI en la IMF, capacitado el personal en la aplicaci Reference at organization that hired you: Programa MISION Reference at financial service provider with which you worked: Asociaci