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Institution ASCODEV ( Institution ) Countries Worked in Senegal Languages Spoken English (United States), French (France), Wolof Areas of Expertise Participate in social ratings, Participate in impact assessments, Analyze the institution as a whole and determine how to integrate social performance into both the strategic plan and all operational areas., Change management (i.e., support the institution as it implements new processes and undergoes change), Define mission, strategy, and social goals, Develop social indicators and collect data to measure progress against social goals, Provide non-financial services (e.g. education program), Strengthen governance to improve management/board capacity to manage social performance, Implement the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles to improve client protection practices, Improve human resources (e.g., recruitment, hiring, training, staff incentives), Strengthen responsibility to the community
Tools Used MicroRate social rating
Other Experience Sans objet
AQUADEV Names of service providers worked with: Mutuelle d' Country: Senegal Subject of the work: Evaluation dans le cadre d'un projet de mise en r Duration of project: 24 mois Outputs/work produts: Cette Reference at organization that hired you: Mansour NDIAYE Reference at financial service provider with which you worked: Mansour NDIAYE