SPTF offers paid membership through which organizations from the inclusive finance industry can support and play a larger role in SPTF's work.  Member benefits include:

  • recognition as a leader and influencer in responsible inclusive finance 
  • opportunities for employees to connect with like-minded peers
  • priority registration at SPTF events
  • discounts on SPTF events for up to two employees
  • invitations to organizational-member-only events
  • ability to elect and be elected to the SPTF Board of Directors
  • ability to announce events/news in the SPTF newsletter
  • opportunities to contribute content and propose topics for SPTF meetings
  • ...and more!



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The cost of annual membership depends on your organization's type and size. 

 Organization Type  Organization Size Fee (USD)


 All sizes  $3,300




 AUM > $500 million USD  $7,700
 AUM of $100 million to $500 million USD  $5,500
 AUM < $100 million USD  $3,300


  Financial Service Provider  


 Loan portfolio > $50 million USD  $770
 Loan portfolio of $5 million to $50 million USD  $550
 Loan portfolio < $5 million USD  $330


  Network of FSPs


 Operating budget > $20 million USD  $3,600
 Operating budget of $3 million to $20 million USD  $3,100
 Operating budget < $3 million USD  $1,800


  Membership Association
  Research Institute
  Standard Setting Body / Fora


 Global (spanning an industry around the world)  $880
 Regional (spanning multiple countries)  $550
 National (spanning one country)  $330


  Information Service Provider
  Consulting Organization


 Operating budget > $2 million USD  $3,300
 Operating budget of $500,000 to $2 million USD  $2,200
 Operating budget < $500,000 USD  $1,100



Benefits of Annual Membership

  • Industry recognition as part of a network of leaders and movers in responsible inclusive
    finance (exposure on SPTF website, special recognition during meeting and events, and other
  • Ability to elect and be elected to the SPTF Board of Directors
  • Priority registration and discount for up to two members of the organization to attend SPTF
    meetings (a discount of $100 for each person)
  • Invitation to special events (e.g. members-only sessions, networking spaces)
  • Ability to contribute to content, propose sessions/topics for meetings
  • Ability to announce events/news and/or share information in SPTF newsletter
  • Access to all SPTF webinars
  • Ability to participate in SPTF working groups
  • Access to news of SPTF, newsletters, webinar announcements, etc.
  • Access to all public goods (e.g., Universal Standards, Outcomes guidelines, etc.)

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