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Agenda for the 2016 Annual Meeting   Program for the 2016 Annual Convention

Briefing Materials / Convention documents

Instead of printed briefing books, the SPTF distributed flash drives containing all annual meeting materials . This is in support of good environmental practices promoted by the Green Performance Working Group.

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The SPTF distributed USB keys containing all the documents for the annual convention . This change responds to the good environmental practices recommended by the Green Performance Working Group.  

2016 Notes and Presentations  

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Microfinance Center and CERISE - SPI4 Training

Social Investors Meeting presentation   Read the notes

Workshop: Outcomes Guidelines presentation   Read the notes  Handout in English  Document in French

Introductory training to Universal Standards of Social Performance Management

Workshop:  Towards responsible regulation

All Roads Lead to the Universal Standards   All roads lead to Universal Standards

Allouch Mohamed, Vice President FNAM Opening remarks

Plenary: Responsive Produt Design & the Client Experience Custom   product design and customer experience

Lunch session presentation: Responsible Microfinance Facility (RMF)    The Facility for Responsible Microfinance (FMR)

Workshop: CGAP Customer Experience Design presentation   Read the notes   Read the notes

Workshop: GRID Impact's Behavioral Design for Digital Financial Services   Read the notes    Watch their video: Behavioral Research and Design with BRAC Bangladesh

Workshop: A New Frontier for Financial Inclusion, Serving Refugees   in English  in French    Al Majmoua's presentation   Read the notes

Plenary:  The Moroccan Experience with Social Performance Management    Review of the microfinance sector in Morocco in GPS

Plenary:  Learning from Global Regulatory Efforts in Responsible Inclusive Finance    Lessons from Global Regulation in Responsible Inclusive and Responsible Finance

Plenary: Measuring and Reporting Client Outcomes presentation    Read the notes    Read the notes

Lunch session: Smart Campaign-Client Voices

Lunch session: Green Microfinance

Lunch session: Networks Presentation   in English   in French 

Outcomes Case Study:   BBVA presentation    Read the notes

Outcomes Case Study:   Equitas presentation    Read the notes

Outcomes Case Study:   Microfund for Women Jordan presentation   Read the notes