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CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Enabling Financial Choices and Positive Outcomes for Low-Income Customers

February 19-22, 2018  |  Radisson Blu Temple Bay  |  Mamallapuram,  India

This year's event was jointly organized by SPTF, CGAP, Dvara and LeapFrog Investments. 

Meet our learning event sponsors: DiaVikas | Equitas Small Finance Bank | Dvara Solutions | NABARD | Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation | Ford Foundation

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Briefing Materials

Notes and Presentations

Monday, February 19

  • Plenary Session: Mainstreaming Social Performance for Banks: What can we learn from industry leaders?
  • Assessor Training on the SPI4 Social Audit Tool
    Presentation coming soon

Tuesday, February 20

Wednesday, February 21

  • Plenary Session: Digitizing Finance: Opportunities and Risks
    All Digital Credit Is Not Equal

  • Morning and Afternoon Workshops:
    Tools to Cope with Low Human Touch Model in a Digital Era. What is lost with a low-touch model and how to mitigate the impacts
    The Poor Stategists: Using smarphones to help the poor apply their strategies
    Tools for Empowerment: Agent and employee empowerment in the digital world
    CGAP Customer Analytic Toolkit: Customer centricity driven by customer analytics
    Presentation coming soon

Thursday, February 22