Documents for the convention

The SPTF will distribute USB keys containing all the documents of the meetings during the annual convention, instead of printed files. This change follows good environmental practices recommended by the Green Performance Working Group. Before the event, we will post all the documents of the convention  here

Materials Session - notes  session  of the first day 
Addressing the skeptics GPS

How can GPS help financial institutions solve operational challenges? :
Case study 1: Customer-oriented product development to meet the need for flexible and accessible products
Case study 2: Collecting customer data to resolve weak customer satisfaction and retention
Case study 3: Practices Human Resources managers for Staff Satisfaction and Retention
Case study 4: Client Protection Practices to respond to client over-indebtedness
Green performance management

Session materials - session notes from the second day
Speech by Frank deGiovanni, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Social Performance Working Group
Recognize the warning signs of market saturation: avoid a national debt crisis
Support regulators, networks, and financial institutions to respond to customer complaints
Industry regulation through partnerships between regulators and associations
Regulation of the future of responsible pricing
What are the credible options for monitoring customer change
Measuring changes to the client changes to the savings.docx
Measuring changes in clients changes in empowering women.docx
Measuring changes in clients health.docx
Changes in quality of life - poverty and risk reduction.docx