SPTF, in conjunction with its Responsible Inclusive Finance (RIF) Working Group, developed a framework that maps countries’ regulation to responsible inclusive finance issues. The framework is designed to help networks and financial service providers better engage with regulators on RIF issues, as well as to identify examples of how regulators can integrate such issues into regulation. While we only have these resources in English, we have kept them in Word form so you can more easily use Google Translate:

Key SPM Resources on Regulation

SPTF Guidance document: Tips and Lessons Learnt on Outreach to Regulators in English  en français

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's Guidance on the application of the Core principles for effective banking supervision to the regulation and supervision of institutions relevant to financial inclusion.

G20 High Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection

Oikocredit Turning Client Focus into Commercial Success

World Bank Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection

World Bank Global Financial Development Report 2014_Financial Inclusion

World Bank Global Financial Development Report 2014_Overview

Executive Summary: Integration of SPM into Nicaragua’s Microfinance Regulation in English  en Español

Social outcomes indicators on which Nicaraguan regulator, CONAMI, requires reporting from its regulated financial service providers (FSPs) in English  en Español