Do you want to help others understand the Universal Standards for SPM? Use the materials on this page to prepare for trainings, board meetings, and speaking engagements.

Download and print the handouts and adapt any of these materials for your own purposes. You do not need to seek the SPTF’s permission before using or adapting any of the materials, but we would love to hear about how you use them. Contact us.

Handout on the Universal Standards

This two-page handout provides a simple explanation of the Universal Standards and lists the 6 Dimensions and 19 Standards. This handout is useful as a quick reference and as a handout for trainings, presentations, and other events.

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Convincing the SPM Skeptic 

This short publication provides strategies for convincing skeptics of the value of SPM. Use it to prepare a strategy for discussing SPM with those who need to be convinced of its merits.

Message Manuals for Communicating about the Universal Standards

These manuals are content guides to help you communicate with a variety of audiences—including financial service providers (FSPs), investors and networks—about the Universal Standards and how they help providers achieve their social goals. The language in these manuals can be used as a reference or as a template for preparing materials and presentations.

Manual for Financial Institutions
Manual for Investors
Manual for Networks and Associations

PowerPoint Presentations for Presenting on the Universal Standards

These PowerPoint presentations can help you to present to various audiences on the Universal Standards. You can adapt the presentations for your own needs.

Universal Standards for SPM Presentation for Broad Audiences
Universal Standards for SPM Presentation for Investors

Handout on how to “Learn, Improve, and Report” on SPM

This two-page handout provides a simple explanation of how FSPs can learn about the Universal Standards, improve practice, and report on SPM practices and social outcomes. It includes useful links to tools and initiatives and provides an overview of the Universal Standards (page 2).

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