Using your action plan, improve your SPM practices over time. There are many tools and resources to help you at this step.

The SPTF’s Universal Standards Implementation Guide was developed to aid you in the implementation of the Universal Standards. It contains guidance on how to implement each of the Essential Practices contained in the Universal Standards. It also contains links to other useful industry resources for improving SPM.

The SPM Resource Center may also be helpful during this step. Organized around the Universal Standards, the Resource Center provides descriptions of, and links to dozens of case studies, templates, tools, and guidelines.

Finally, if you need outside assistance during implementation, use our database of SPM Professionals to find a qualified technical assistance provider. The database is a list of professionals who can provide TA in one or more areas of responsible finance. 

During this step, it is important to remember to be realistic! When SPM implementation fails, it is often because the provider tried to do too much, too fast. Revisit your action plan periodically and make adjustments as needed.