The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management ("the Universal Standards") is a comprehensive manual of best practices created by and for people in microfinance as a resource to help financial service providers achieve their social goals.

The SPTF has identified five steps to the ongoing process of implementing the Universal Standards. Find more information in the links provided below.





  • Use the results of your assessment to prioritize areas for implementation. Create an SPM action plan that is realistic for your organization.
  • Use resources, such as the CERISE example action plan and the Mentor Guide pages 16-21.



  • Make sure that your internal and external stakeholders know about your improved practices, as well as your related client outcomes.
  • We recommend reporting to the MIX and to other relevant parties, such as your national network.
  • You can demonstrate your client protection practices via the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Certification and can use the SPI4 reporting format to create dashboard reports for various stakeholders. See other dashboard examples here under Standard 2a "Tools and Templates" section.
  • A social rating will demonstrate your SPM practices to external stakeholders like funders.